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Global Printing Portal

General information

Via this Website, you can identify and install printers and multifunctional equipment. The Global Printing Portal offers you an easy installation of equipment in your working area.  This way you can be sure that your documents will be printed quickly, easily and reliably.

The following criteria can be used:

  • printer name
  • serial number
  • inventory number
  • location
  • SAP queue name
  • IP-address

After inserting the search string, the search starts automatically.

How to search a printer

The two possibilities are available to search for a printer:

1. The first search field Search for printer is to use for searching a printer via search terms. Please use one of the following search terms:

  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Ludwigshafen
  • Building: "J 660" (Please pay attention to the blanks and set the building name in " "!)
  • Name: PRE-204107
  • Inventory number: 71111568
  • Serial number: 794352H

2. By using the search field All locations you have the possibility to select your printer via a selection list.

Detailed information about the printer, e. g. the old printer name, location etc. can be retrieved by clicking the "i" button.